Splashing Out

A few weeks ago, King of the Hill decided that we should have a trio of large containers on the top terrace, the largest of which to feature a new acer, giving me free rein to fill the others. Given that I also had some garden vouchers from Christmas burning a proverbial hole in my back pocket, it was the perfect opportunity for some shopping. The acer is still to be finalised and purchased, but for its companions I selected a small ornamental cherry, and a heavenly bamboo, and we found some smart slate-look square pots to plant them in.

Prunus incisa 'Kojo-No-Mai'

The ornamental cherry is nothing very adventurous, the ever-popular Prunus incisa ‘Kojo-No-Mai’. While it may not be an unusual choice, I’ve long admired the twisty stems and lovely spring and autumn colour of this cultivar, and was happy to offer one a home.

Nandina domestica in container

Nandina domestica, heavenly bamboo, foliage blazing red

I hold Janet partly responsible for my selection of the heavenly bamboo; an image of the one she planted last autumn has been flickering idly in my sleep-deprived head…

Harvington hellebore clear yellow flower

Harvington hellebore clear yellow flower

This rather beautiful hellebore, one of the Harvington hybrids clear yellows, also leapt into my basket; and this weekend I planted it out at the foot of the Sambucus nigra.

Hellebore planted at foot of black elder

Rather stretching my vouchers (ahem, whoops) I also fell for a compact Daphne, Daphne MezereumRubra‘, one that should be better suited to our heavy clay than most of its kind. I selected a plant whose stems were crammed tight with deep purple buds, which have since erupted into blossom, and after an hour digging out existing plants in a section of the long border, stripping them of the entangling couch grass and crocosmia corms and replanting, I planted this near the house amongst them, where we can enjoy its sweet fragrance. Must remove the label when I don’t have a small boy strapped to my chest and can bend down again…

Daphne Mezereum 'Rubra'

It’s always very satisfying adding new plants to the garden; fingers crossed these all settle in well here, and I still get to shop for a good acer for a container, on the proviso that it is one with more dissected foliage (though not too similar to A. palmatum var dissectum Garnet, which we already have). Before this stipulation was made, I did have my eye on A. aconitifolium or Chitose-yama, but rather sadly these have been rejected so far. Still, I’ve never yet me an acer that I didn’t like, so it just means more looking!


13 thoughts on “Splashing Out

  1. I can recommend Acer palmatum var. dissectum ‘Seiryu ‘ – green dragon acer, lacy & lovely autumn colour or the smaller Acer palmatum var dissectum ‘Viridis’
    Lovely to see you back in Spring colour mode with that Hellebore 🙂

    • Thanks Laura, Seiryu is on my radar, I’ll look up the other one too! We have another very dissected one in the garden too but I don’t seem to have a record of its name now, oops…

  2. I like the choice of cherry even if it has become very popular, there is a reason for that. I admire the yellow Hellebore, I think I almost like the yellows more than some of the pale pinks.

    • Thanks Christina, I’m pleased with the cherry too – as you say, it’s popular for a reason!
      I’ve never had a yellow hellebore before but I love it!

  3. Pretty hellebore. The dark reds I’ve planted are taking a glacial age to establish. I have a habit of buying acers at B&Q when they’re tired and heavily reduced in price (but still perfectly healthy) and secreting them behind the greenhouse for a year or two until they’re good enough to present. The latest, two standards, have just been introduced to the garden proper! Dave

    • I love this clear yellow, and wonder what exciting crosses it may produce here in the garden in the future too?! The lovely dark flowered one I bought in flower last spring hasn’t flowered this year, but is still growing strong, so perhaps just having a year’s rest after being forced into bloom by the florist last year!
      We never see anything as substantial as acers languishing in our stores here, what a great find 🙂

  4. Fellow bloggers can indeed be held responsible for all sorts of purchases and I too have recently acquired (OK, splashed out on) a nandina and the same daphne – not to mention all sorts of other things over the last couple of years after seeing them on other blogs 🙂

    • Ha how funny – I don’t think I’ve seen anyone blog about this daphne yet, but I was captivated by the ones on display in the garden centre so decided to add it on a whim, a little research when I got it home reassured me that it wasn’t too silly a choice!

  5. Oh its such fun deciding what to spend garden vouchers on. You’ve made some lovely choices already Sara. I’m sure that the acer when finally chosen will give you great pleasure too.

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