Spring At Dyffryn

Snapshots of a walkabout at Dyffryn Gardens, near Cardiff, on a sunny spring afternoon.














8 thoughts on “Spring At Dyffryn

  1. We visited Dyffryn Gardens a few years ago and thought it was wonderful if a little dilapidated in places. Has it improved with the NT? A great place to live close enough to visit regularly.

    • It looks like a good place for wandering on a spring day Sara. I like the way that the little primrose has snuck in through the back door.

    • Still a little dilapidated, but perhaps that’s part of its charm! Haven’t noticed many changes since the change of ownership yet, though suspect they are concentrating on the house first, it needs quite serious rescue in places and work was ongoing there last time I went in (the only time I’ve been inside, I usually concentrate on the gardens)

  2. I’m working in Bridgend this week, and I saw the signs to Dyffryn on the way up. It looks an interesting place. I think your photos must not have been taken today (Sunday), because the weather is very grey where I am! The masses of Primroses along the motorway verges were fantastic though.

    • Dyffryn is worth a visit if you have any downtime while in south Wales. Enjoy your stay!

      If you take the M48 and the old Severn Bridge instead of the new crossing, then the daffodils and primroses are really beautiful along the verges of this quiet patch of motorway. You’re right – our visit was on Thursday when the sun was shining, today has not been so bright here either…

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