Crown Jewels

I’m really enjoying the vibrant hues of some Anemone coronaria flowers grown from corms that my Mum split with me in the autumn.

Anemone coronaria Sylphide

The hot pink A. coronaria ‘Sylphide’

Anemone coronaria Mr Fokker

And the lovely violet A. coronaria ‘Mr Fokker’.

Strangely the pot containing A. coronaria ‘The Bride’ is looking positively sluggish by comparison, no flowers to be seen.


7 thoughts on “Crown Jewels

  1. What a thoughtful gift .They are both quite striking Sarah although I think that I prefer ‘Mr Fokker’. Sorry to hear that the ‘The Bride’ is reluctant this year.

    • Ah no problem, I learned at an early age to answer to many spellings and pronunciations of my name!
      I think I like the purple colour best too.

  2. Lovely! Next time I try growing and no me coronoria I think I will start them in pots and plant out when I can see them sprouting strongly. Mine seem to have disappeared without a trace 😦

    • Funny things, anemone corms. Some of my direct planted ones have vanished without trace, though my Mount Everest came up happily directly planted, but in the autumn it was all I could do to find time to throw compost on the corms in pots!

    • Ah thanks, they were gifts from my Mum, and a very welcome splash of colour. I do hope they’ll survive here when I transplant them!

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