One Camassia leichtlinii in the garden border is pretty.

Camassia leichtlinii

While the swathes of Camassia (some Camassia leichtlinii, some C. cusickii) at RHS Wisley are stunning.

Swathes of Camassia at RHS Wisley

Swathes of Camassia at RHS Wisley

Swathes of Camassia at RHS Wisley

Cherry blossom above billows of Camassia at RHS WisleyAfter these billowing meadows of blue, our single plant in the border looked a little forlorn …


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  1. stunning is the word Sara, thanks for sharing, it must have been fantastic in the real, I think I have found the camassias I bought years ago and I thought they never grew, they had been coming up blind, Frances

    • Such a shame your camassia have been blind, I can imagine a sea of them in your undulating landscape being rather spectacular too, even if not as densely planted as these!

      • that was the plan Sara, I never saw any that I planted in the damp meadow, the ones that are growing are at the edge of the spruce trees not I would have thought the best place but if they are happy I’m not going to move them, Frances

  2. Good heavens! Stunning is right! Though that combination of the -is it anemanthele? – grass and camassia is very pretty indeed. I wonder what they are followed by at Wisley.

    • Yes indeed that’s one of my pheasant tail grass just beginning to colour up again. I like the combination too – though ‘meadow swathe’ has certainly eclipsed it! 😀 Indeed, not sure if there is a follow on at Wisley or they just die back to grass or meadow… will have to try and discover!

  3. Stunning and I wonder what happens next-does it get cut after flowering. And I love the combination in your garden it especially works as a colour contrast with the grass.

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    • Well, they allow you to tell yourself that if you had a multiple-acre site you *would* do something equally special, but working with what you have is a whole different challenge 😀

  5. Camassia appear to be very popular this year, nearly every show garden at ‘Malvern’ contained them, will they be at ‘Chelsea’?
    PS. I did plant some last autumn!

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