To The Lighthouse

I find myself fascinated by lighthouses.

Perhaps it’s their physical presence; the quiet strength and simple clean lines that pleases me most. Or perhaps it’s their rugged windswept locations, or even some romantic sense of their history…

2015_06-5Of course,  the most successful lighthouses tend to be the least well known; doing their job well means no tales of shipwrecks and heroics, each potential tragedy averted by the rhythmic and ceaseless swing of light across rocks or sandbanks, by the thunderous boom of their voice through rolling fog.

2015_06-2 I think it is a combination of all these things that draws me in. A small romantic piece of me is slightly sad that these automated times no longer require dedicated lighthouse keepers at many sites, but still these monoliths stand and continue to do their job.

Protecting seafarers, with such elegance and style.

Fog Signal for Lighthouse


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