Dyffryn in June

Earlier last month, I enjoyed a tranquil walk around Dyffryn Gardens, covering most of the arboretum and more structured gardens.

Path through arboretum in DyffrynA fine light mist of rain soon dried up in the sultry warmth of the day as we walked. I’ve already shared the fallen blossoms that captivated me on this visit; here are a few more phone snapshots that I took as we walked around (LO mostly sleeping on me in a sling).

Dyffryn: Seat hewn from log

Dyffryn: Pinus wallichiana

Dyffryn: Cupressus macrocarpa

Dyffryn: Magnolia acuminata 'Koban Dori'

I enjoyed this late blooming Magnolia with its wonderful large leaves and fragrant cupped blooms.

Dyffryn: Acer canopy

Dyffryn: Acer foliage

This fallen oak had sprouted new growth along the length of its trunk.

Dyffryn: Reshooting fallen tree

Dyffryn: Cornus kousa flowering

Dyffryn: Herbaceous borders in June

Dyffryn: Herbaceous borders in June

Dyffryn: Apricot foxgloves

Beautiful apricot foxgloves; I sowed some from seed a year or two ago but they all came up purple; they made a lovely mass planting in one of the garden rooms at Dyffryn.

Dyffryn: Standard wisteria

Dyffryn: Standard wisteria

I was intrigued by the unusual use of succulents and gravel for a bedding display beneath the terrace of the house.

Dyffryn: Succulent bedding display

The alpine slopes were in fine form too.

Dyffryn: Alpine planting

Dyffryn: Alpine planting

I was particularly taken by the impact of this ruby sedum that traversed the rockeries.

Dyffryn: sedum in the rock garden

I could (and did!) walk around these gardens for hours, particularly the wild areas. Well worth a visit, should you find yourself near Cardiff.


9 thoughts on “Dyffryn in June

  1. They are wonderful gardens, it is nice to be kept up to date by your blog. Your phone photos are great,(isn’t technology wonderful) especially the cones and the bark of the tree.

    • Thanks – phone pics obviously don’t match up to a big camera, but I’d be lost without their technology this year, as it’s impossible to front carry a small boy and wield a camera. With all his paraphernalia to carry round I have to travel very light for myself these days, ha!

  2. A very interesting set of photos – very “arty”. I’m going to be in the Cardiff area this weekend (Daughter and Son-in-law going to the Speedway, while wife and I babysit), but I don’t think we’ll have time for garden visits, which is a pity!

  3. Oh that walled garden looks fabulous! I’d never thought about the logistics of taking photos with a babe in arms.

    • Neither had I until I had one 🙂 I can be hands free with him in a wrap or sling, but his head is just under my chin – and he can grab 😉 – so a big camera is out of the question :D.

  4. We love Dyffryn gardens too, as well as the specimen nursery close by. Not least, because the garden is dog friendly and it has such a lovely cafe. I like the pale pink/cream cornus, do you know what it is?

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