With this year’s blackcurrant crop, we decided to try making a cordial.

Blackcurrant crop

We loosely followed the recipe for Family ‘Beena from the River Cottage book of preserves, though added much less sugar than the recipe suggested.

Making blackcurrant cordial

After boiling up the fruit with water, we rigged up a Heath Robinson contraption to strain the juice through a cotton cloth; using tins from the cupboard to hold the cloth taut across the top of a glass bowl.  Who needs an elaborate device and muslin jelly bag? Hmm, perhaps we do…

Straining blackcurrant juice for preserving

Still, we collected about 650ml of strained liquid overnight, to which we added 150g sugar to make our cordial.

Homemade blackcurrant cordial

Diluted 1 to 5 parts, this made a wonderfully refreshing drink; neither too sweet nor too sharp. Definitely something to try again.

Homemade blackcurrant cordial

Glasses of homemade blackcurrant cordial

18 thoughts on “Cordial

  1. Now that looks most refreshing. My crop is almost ripe but undecided as to what their fate will be. It seems to be a good year for all the berries.

  2. We hang the muslin jelly-bag from the handles of a top-level kitchen cupboard, letting juice strain into a bowl below! Best not to wear white clothes while doing this…

    • Thanks, we’re pleased with our harvest. Hard to imagine winter on the other side, when the sun is shining here, though it’s not particularly summery this week, but cool and showery.

  3. Looks great, we managed 10 jars of jam from one blackcurrant bush. I like the idea of cordial could be one for next year.

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