In the third year since our purchase at the Malvern Spring Show, Dierama ‘Merlin’ has really found its stride this year.

Dierama Merlin in flower

With no fewer than eight long stems, elegantly arching beneath the weight of pendulous purple bells, this plant is really packing a punch in the garden this year – and I am, as ever, entirely under its spell.

Dierama Merlin

Dierama Merlin flowers

Who could resist the charms of these flowers, with their metallic sheen and irridescence?

Dierama Merlin flowers

Dierama Merlin flowers

Merlin, magician indeed!

Dierama Merlin flowers




6 thoughts on “Merlin

  1. It is a great plant, we had it in the garden a few years ago, it didn’t return one winter.I think our garden is too shady for it to do well. Ever the optimist, I am raising some of the pink form from Great Dixter seeds to try again.

    • I read that dieramas don’t like to be crowded so I do try and keep its feet clear! I have some 2 year old seedlings too though yet to risk planting any out and I’m slowly losing them to neglect! May have to sow more once I have my hands free again…

  2. What a stunning colour, and a fine description of this particular dierama – they work so well with so many plants, including grasses. Like Brian, they don’t seem to like our heavy clay soil but it’s good to see other people are doing so well with these magical plants in what look like more open sunny spots.

    • Our soil is also heavy clay, so there is hope! This plant is at the front of an East facing border by the house so gets sun until it drops in front of the house. Such pretty elegant plants…

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