August Dawn

In August, the sun rises behind the horse chestnut and beech trees where our garden boundary narrows.


Just one or two shards of light slip through the cover of the trees to pierce the shadow of the garden as the sun first begins to swing across and up the sky. I love to watch as different plants in the long border are highlighted for a few fleeting moments in the spotlight before it moves on, such as the gaura I caught above – and a plume of the Stipa tenuissima billowing behind.


It’s not long before the sun slips out from behind the canopy and begins to flood the garden with the golden light of dawn, casting wonderful shadows where it has yet to penetrate.


The cat loves to run through the dewy grass, returning home after her dawn raids on the fields and hedgerows.


10 thoughts on “August Dawn

  1. Dawn is a good time to venture out in the garden with a camera.The shadows create interesting patterns in the grass, especially through the chair backs.

  2. There’s such a fabulous soft light in that second photo and the photo captures the anticipation of a warm sunny day ahead. That cat looks as if she has been up to mischief.

    • Thanks Anna, I couldn’t resist nipping out with the camera for a snatched frame of that lovely light – and yes, I think the cat is often up to mischief :).

  3. You’ve captured the moments beautifully, dawn is such a special time of day that often we don’t find the time to enjoy, I’m sure your little one creates more opportunity to see early mornings!

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