There are many plants and combinations that are making me smile in our garden this week. Here are three that have caught my eye – and the camera.Japanese anemones backlit by sun

I love the two tone colouring of the petal backs of these Japanese anemones, especially backlit beneath a blue summer sky. This is Anemone Robustissima, one of the first in our garden into flower, along with the equally reliable September Charm further along the border.

Red rose and white daisies

I also love the splash of scarlet from this old rose which has been surrounded by the daisies.

Dark pink cosmos flower

And I am particularly thrilled with this deep pink Cosmos flower against the red-hued foliage and flowers of the pheasant grass Stipa arundinacea, and the still green buds on the Chelsea-chopped sedum.

This is the first Cosmos into flower here this year; I’m still rather pleased that I managed to sow any seeds at all in the spring, let alone pot them on and get them into the garden to flower! Now I’m eagerly anticipating the unfurling of other nearby buds from the Tall Sensation mixture that I sowed for the borders.


13 thoughts on “Three

    • Thank you Christina, they are one of the handful of plants we rescued from the original garden. I’ve split them a few times to keep them manageable, and they’re still thriving.

  1. Your picture of the anemones reminded me to look where I’ve cut back the shrubbery this year. And yes, they’re back after being smothered for a few years 🙂

    • Ah 🙂 Glad that your anemones are back! I suspect we’ve lost our A. Pamina to smothering by Geranium x magnificum, though perhaps close scrutiny will find that here too!

  2. I haven’t seen Anemone Robustissima before it is very attractive. I am very impressed you remember to do the Chelsea Chop, I always intend to and then forget until the sedums are flopping all over the place.

  3. I have a doronicum (if that’s what the daisies are, I think so but can’t find my plant book which is probably in the greenhouse) weakness too – so sunny and cheerful. I even entered three in the village show – they didn’t win, but hey ho. And they do smell a bit of tom cat. Nothing’s perfect!

    I inherited mine too – but they’ve since thrown up another two clumps. Quite how, as they’re well away from the original, I don’t know. But I don’t care, either.

    • I’ve always assumed the daisies were a Leucanthemum, but could be wrong. They are pretty though tend to flop a bit, and I have to divide them to keep them compact and non-doughnut-shaped.
      Always nice when plants you like pop up in new places – as long as they’re not elbowing out something superior!

      • Stupid delay caused by stupid work, but of course you’re right – doronicums are the yellow things.

        I think work is rotting my brain. Just one more piece of evidence!

  4. Love that cosmos/stipa combination. There’s something so elegant about Japanese anemones. I love the colours too. As the garden takes on richer, darker colours of autumn it’s nice to have something paler and cooler.

    • Thanks, I do love the Japanese anemones, looking forward to the appearance of good old faithful Honorine Jobert soon for a real fresh burst of white in the border.

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