Just To Say…

A very happy new year to you all!

DSC_0114.JPGWith such a mild winter so far across the UK, our Rijnveld’s Early Sensation daffodils have been in bloom since the first week of December. They look rather out-of-place beneath the swags of Christmas lights that festoon the fence above them. Since I snapped this picture a week or two ago, even more have burst into bloom now, a fat chorus line.

DSC_0120Apologies for my long absence from these pages, and then such hasty phone snaps and words. With a mountain of catching-up t\o do, I hope to strike a better balance in the coming year!


4 thoughts on “Just To Say…

  1. A most happy new year to you Sara and your family. I imagine that the last week or so has been most exciting for your little man. It’s slightly disconcerting to see daffodils underneath the festive lights but there’s never a year in our gardens without surprises.

  2. Still good to hear from you occasionally but we all know where your priorities lie – hope all is well and you are enjoying every step of progress your son makes. And yes, definitely not right to have daffodils blooming in December, even if they are early flowering ones. Best wishes for the cooming year

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