I have stacks of photos to write up and post about from this lovely spring. The garden is overflowing with foliage and blooms, and I am trying very hard not to look at the sneak attack of couch grass which has sprung up through the borders.


Instead, I am concentrating on this view, which is utterly beguiling…


Some service should be resumed shortly, as time and sleep allow.

14 thoughts on “Arrival

  1. Oh what a little sweetheart! Many congratulations to you and your family on your new arrival. Avert your eyes from the couch grass – the alternative view is so much more entrancing xxx

  2. the second photo is absolutly the best kind of view, enjoy your children and get some rest when you can, the garden will still be there when they are grown up, how does big brother like little brother,
    congratulations to you and king of the hill, Frances x

  3. J > Oh lucky lucky you! Couch grass in the borders! Life will never be the same! ;~) Seriously, though – D and I wish you and your little one – and your family – health and happiness!

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