Hillwards is the diary of our hilltop garden in rural South Wales, UK.

We bought the cottage on the edge of a small village at the start of 2009. While both working full time and carrying out extensive building work on the house, we sought refuge in the garden; slowly undoing the years of neglect to start a productive kitchen garden furthest from the house, utilising the existing greenhouse, planting raspberry canes and young fruit trees for espalier and cordon-training. 

With renovations drawing to an end late in 2010, the following year saw us turning our attentions more to the outdoors, while work inside continued at a slower pace.  Hard landscaping was completed, boundaries secured, lawns sown and turfed and new borders dug over by hand. Then began the wonderful process of planting them…

This year we will continue to maintain and enjoy the kitchen garden while we make progress on our fledgling ornamental areas; growing and propagating the majority of our plants from a mix of seeds, cuttings and enthusiasm. We have several new projects in mind, which should unfold in the coming months.

We are both novice gardeners, keen to learn and develop alongside our garden, enjoying the rural location (when the neighbouring cows aren’t eating our newly planted hedge whips) and breathtaking views, as well as the harvests from the garden. Besides gardening, we both share a passion for seasonal cooking and preserving. This is a diary of our garden as it develops, along with seasonal recipes for our produce, tales of foraging, garden visits and other points of interest.

We’re learning as we go, in the garden and on this blog. Please leave your comments on the posts and let us know how we’re doing!

Hillwards Seasons

The changing view from the bottom of the garden

Autumn Mists

Winter Frosts

Winter Snows

View from end of garden, May 2012

Spring Green


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  1. Love your pictures and you words are informative. Thanks for sharing your adventure. Welcome to blotanical Meg

  2. Just this May I visited South Wales for the first time! Do wish I’d had more time to spend there.
    Found you on Blotanical, where I will follow your blog.
    We have a community garden where T. grows veggies and succulent tomatoes. My garden at home is ornamental.
    The courgette and tomato chutney sounds delish, by the way.
    aka Alice’s Garden Travel Buzz / Bay Area Tendrils

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