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End of Month View May 2011

End of Month View May 2011

This month I’m finally taking the plunge, and joining the EOMV hosted by Helen to track the (hopefully rapid) changes in our garden now that we have the makings of our first partial ornamental borders.

Seeds of Triumph

Seeds of Triumph

As the growing season has come towards its close I have been collecting seeds from a few of this year’s plants, to sow next year. With our lives so busy at the moment, we made a conscious decision not to try and collect any vegetable seeds this year, but along the way I have kept … Continue reading

Green and gold

What a week! Apologies for the long gap between posts. King of the Hill and I both took the week off work for a last push on the house, culminating in the fitting of carpets through half the house. It has been a long and hard week, but at the end of it our house … Continue reading

Collecting Nasturtium Seeds

Although the nasturtiums are still in full bloom, and slyly continuing their attempts to take over the vegetable patch, some weeks ago I noticed that the plants were already forming their seeds, hanging in green clusters of two or three.

Two Sisters

The ‘three sisters ‘ growing system was practised by the Native Americans as an effective way to grow their three most important crops in harmony. The ground would be heaped into mounds, about a step apart, and a corn kernel planted in each. A bean seed would later be planted alongside the corn in the … Continue reading

…and marigolds all in a row

French marigolds are commonly used in companion planting, as their root secretions are believed to kill nematodes in the soil, while their strong smell is believed to repel some pests, such as white fly on tomatoes. I’ve raised several plants this year from a mixed packet of seed, and planted them in front of the … Continue reading