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There is a cluster of small trees along our wild boundary with the field, which in spring are covered in white foaming blossom, while through the summer small green fruits grow and slowly turn purple.

Blackberry Jelly

This weekend saw my first attempt at making jam, from a modest amount of foraged blackberries. Just over 500g of blackberries resulted in almost-two jars of jelly. It’s quite a process for such a small amount of jam; next time I need to make sure I have a kilo or two of fruit!

Keeping Up

Besides the day-to-day picking of fresh vegetables from the garden for the table, there is a lot of work to do at the minute keeping up with the mass harvests that need storing for the winter. There have been baskets full of the runner beans which keep on cropping, and we pulled up the peas … Continue reading

Courgette and Tomato Chutney

At the weekend, we turned some more of our harvest into chutney. We used up some more courgettes and an assortment of tomatoes; red, yellow and even some green ones that were knocked off when one of the trusses came untied in the greenhouse.

Pickled Beetroot

We have been harvesting more Рand bigger! Рbeetroot than we can eat, despite our successional sowings.  Yesterday, King of the Hill put our newly installed hob to the test by pickling some of our harvest.